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Klaus Schriewer

"Catedrático" for Social Anthropology, University of Murcia

Jean Monnet Chair at the University of Murcia (2011-2014)

Director of the Centre for European Studies, University of Murcia (CEEUM 2013-2018)

The main research areas of Klaus Schriewer are: the relation nature-human beings, focussing on the cultural dimension of forest and landscape; the relation between state and culture (including the European Union); Economic Anthropology and cultures on labour (applying the theory of modes of production and life-modes), funeral culture and the Analysis of Consciousness that builds on modern narratology.

The Jean Monnet Chair (2011-2014) at the University of Murcia, focussed on the cultural dimension of European Integration and the difficulties in this process. As a prolongation, he coordinates a Jean Monnet Module about "Cultures of Security", linked to the CEEUM. >>> more



  • Editor of the last number of Revista Murciana de Antropología "Avances de Antropología Económica" (2017) >>> más
  • In the frame of the seminar "Antropología de las sociedades europeas" we research about the cemetery Nuestro Padre Jesus (Murcia) and publish every year a guide. The edition 2016 deals with "Artists and Poets", the edition 2017 is titled "Elites of the  19. century". >>> más
  • Publication: Anders Boserup: "Guerra, Estado y Paz. Una continuación del pensamiento de Clausewitz. Translated by Klaus Schriewer and Ángel Gurao Navarro. Pensamiento 72 (2016), nº 272, pp 655-673.
  • Natur und Bewusstsein. Ein Beitrag zur Kulturgeschichte des Waldes in Deutschland. Münster: Waxmann, 2015 >>>more
  • Publication: Klaus Schriewer, Pedro Martínez Cavero:
    Reflexiones antropológicas sobre la historia y la actualidad del cementerio en Europa.
    In: Revista murciana de Antropología, Nr. 19, pp. 9-26. >>> more
  • Publication: Klaus Schriewer, Salvador Cayuela (eds.): Anthropological Perspectives. Tools for the Analysis of European Societies / Perspectivas Anthropológicas. Herramientas para el Análisis de las Sociedades Europeas. Murcia, Münster: Editum, Waxmann, 2014. >>> more


  • Publication: Die strukturelle Lebensformanalyse. Neuauflage 2014 >>> more
  • Publication: Klaus Schriewer, Salvador Cayuela Sánchez: Europa a un paso. Material didáctico. Murcia: Isabor 2013. >>> more

  • Publication: Thomas Højrup, Klaus Schriewer (ed): European Fisheries at a Tipping-Point/La Pesca Europea ante un Cambio Irreversible. Murcia: Editum, 2012. Second edition: Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum, 2014.

  • Publication: Klaus Schriewer: Ecologismo y Naturaleza. Percepción y Concepto de Naturaleza en el Movimiento de Protección Ambiental en Alemania: Murcia: Isabor, 2012.
  • international PhD-program with the Universities of Basel, Graz, Edinburgh, Munich, Tel Aviv, Copenhagen and Murcia – meeting in Murcia, March 2013 - >>> more


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