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Klaus Schriewer

"Profesor Titular" for Social Anthropology, University of Murcia

Jean Monnet Chair at the University of Murcia (2011-2014)

Vicedean for International Relations and Students at the Faculty of Philosophy

The main research areas of Klaus Schriewer are: the relation nature-human beings, focussing on the cultural dimension of forest and landscape; the relation between state and culture (including the European Union); Economic Anthropology and cultures on labour, applying the theory of modes of production and life-modes; and the Analysis of Consciousness that builds on modern narratology.

The current project, the Jean Monnet Chair at the University of Murcia, focusses on the cultural dimension of European Integration and the difficulties in this process. Activities in research, teaching and divulgence are carried out in the frame of this project. >>> more



  • Natur und Bewusstsein. Ein Beitrag zur Kulturgeschichte des Waldes in Deutschland. Münster: Waxmann, 2015 >>>more
  • Publication: Klaus Schriewer, Pedro Martínez Cavero:
    Reflexiones antropológicas sobre la historia y la actualidad del cementerio en Europa.
    In: Revista murciana de Antropología, Nr. 19, pp. 9-26. >>> more
  • Publication: Klaus Schriewer, Salvador Cayuela (eds.): Anthropological Perspectives. Tools for the Analysis of European Societies / Perspectivas Anthropológicas. Herramientas para el Análisis de las Sociedades Europeas. Murcia, Münster: Editum, Waxmann, 2014. >>> more


  • Publication: Die strukturelle Lebensformanalyse. Neuauflage 2014 >>> more
  • Publication: Klaus Schriewer, Salvador Cayuela Sánchez: Europa a un paso. Material didáctico. Murcia: Isabor 2013. >>> more

  • Publication: Thomas Højrup, Klaus Schriewer (ed): European Fisheries at a Tipping-Point/La Pesca Europea ante un Cambio Irreversible. Murcia: Editum, 2012. Second edition: Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum, 2014.

  • Publication: Klaus Schriewer: Ecologismo y Naturaleza. Percepción y Concepto de Naturaleza en el Movimiento de Protección Ambiental en Alemania: Murcia: Isabor, 2012.
  • international PhD-program with the Universities of Basel, Graz, Edinburgh, Munich, Tel Aviv, Copenhagen and Murcia – meeting in Murcia, March 2013 - >>> more


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